Maud-Emilie Goyer

Office manager


Nothing is impossible, the world itself says, “I’m possible”

—Audrey Hepburn

About me

Curious and creative, I thrive on new challenges. My eclectic background has brought me to adapt to all kinds of situations.

After studying multimedia, I worked in web design for several tourism and entertainment industry websites, and then founded my own company. Over the years, I’ve gathered experience in many areas of business activity: organization, presentations, processes, logistics, accounting management, human resources, etc.

Since my career path has allowed me to encounter a good number of industries and domains, I was able to get a good all-around view of best processes and practices to adopt and implement.


  • Strong Information Technology skills (Web, presentations, etc.)
  • Change management; processes and procedures implementation; training
  • Over 15 years experience in an array of companies

Special Skills

  • A keen sense of organization and ability to adapt to change
  • Contagious good spirits
  • I am a novelist on my off-hours